Coaching catalyst for leaders at all levels to succeed with compassion, courage, wisdom and clarity

Helping leaders at all levels move from knowledge to wisdom to action


Coaching catalyst for leaders at all levels to succeed with compassion, courage, wisdom and clarity.

Leadership is an inside job - it’s about influence not authority. I help individuals understand who they are (are becoming) as a leader and how to bring that to each aspect of their life.

Some challenges I help with:

  • Career or Life transitions

  • Identifying your path toward fulfillment and success

  • Addressing self-limiting beliefs and behaviors



Bringing 30 years of divisional and corporate leadership experience to the work of preparing leaders to excel in the twenty-first century.

Through my work, I have helped facilitate programs at:

  • Wharton’s high-potential executive education program

  • Novo Nordisk’s Women’s Leadership Summit

  • West Point’s key faculty and staff,

  • Astra-Zeneca’s leadership team

  • LEGO’s HR leadership

  • MIT Lincoln Labs, critical teams

Encouraging individuals to step into their uniqueness, claim their power, and actualize their vision by bringing my compassion, tenacity, curiosity and humor to bear as we clear out the obstacles blocking your potential – even when that obstacle is you!

Completing (spring 2019) my PhD at the University of Massachusetts Boston researching transformative teaching. My work on teams, leadership, and transformative teaching has been published in peer-reviewed journals (

“You have helped me to view things from a different perspective, realize that I need to reflect on some fundamental questions, and then look for opportunities.”

/ Luis /

“You provided the clarity I needed to identify areas that were keeping me from moving forward. The time we spent has truly made a difference in my journey. I left inspired, motivated, and driven to move forward with my dream.”

/ Stephen /